Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The weekend brought fierce storms on Saturday. Fast moving  masses of clouds with jaggedy lightning. Jaggedy lightning is lightning that makes you scream. I first encountered this in Colorado at 8000 feet elevation.
Looking East toward the  foothills there was a giant bald eagle flying ( mid picture just over the mountain horizon) These guys are huge and have a wingspain of at least 6 to 8 feet. When you see one driving it is easy to get distracted .
Sunday was tamer with nice warm weather. The Most Coveted Marley was out in the yard admiring the flowers. I know they are just flowers. However last year not so many as the deer ate them all. I discovered bells filled with dried blood that make the deer stay away from the garden. Sounds pretty icky but better than the rats with antlers eating everything in site.
Nice lupine

As you turn off Hwy 35 there is a nice wetland. I particularly like these in the spring and summer as they are so filled with activity . There are always red wing black birds and other bird life around. One was squawking at me while I was taking pictures . I suppose I was too close.
Looking south down Hwy 35

Then the ever looming chore of stacking wood. I finally had time to go to Lowes and pick up 2 x 4 s and block . It is fun to cram studs into a corolla but we made it . 32 feet of wood stacked with 7 liters of water and a sunburn later it was time to go for pizza.
Mammut rides again

Nice peaceful end to a good day of work . Sun is getting low in the sky and dipping the tops of the trees in gold. Time to rest and take a couple of aspirin.


  1. wow - from the ligtening to the eagle (didn't know that about wing span and now you have me curious, there is a pair near my river that are nesting and i wonder if they are as big?) to marley and the flowers and all.of.that.wood! wondering how you are feeling? you have to feel amazingly productive...

  2. I think the birds are just bigger in the west . More available food but I am certainly not an expert. Eagles live a long time . Perhaps it is the older ones that are so big . They are quite a sight tho. Yes I feel very productive and in need of some chiropractic treatment.


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