Wednesday, June 13, 2012


One of my favorite features on the landscape are wetlands. With the spring rains and snow melt the lakes and streams swell. The lowlands become lush with water and bird life. This is a setting full of energy. The water does not appear to have much current. 

 However there is steady strong current moving the waters through these areas. New nourishment is brought in and the energies are distributed . Life lines through out the valley.
 Even along the sides of the lake there is wetland activity . Places for waterfowl to nest and thrive.
One of the wonderful aspects of these areas is the bird life. The bird song is incredible. You can close your eyes and feel life beating all around you .


  1. that is true, isn't it? i am so used to living in a woody area and hearing birdsong that it becomes part of the background... but i would miss it if i were to be elsewhere... even at night, the ducks and geese make noise in the river... and i just learned that a chirping noise i was hearing (and misattributing to cardinals) was actually a chipmunk... there are times when i wish i could just sit and watch them all day (the way my cats do!)...
    your wetlands are beautiful... thank you for sharing them...
    what kinds of water fowl do you get?

  2. i'm so envious of your surroundings! although i'd miss my own backyard creatures were i to leave my home. just beautiful.

  3. The birdsong does sing life forward. Well we have all sort of ducks from mallards, wood duck, and harlequin. the canadian geese and snow geese come through as do the swans . Tundra swans and one other kind. There are some smaller white bird that looks like a sea pigeon . haha. I need my bird book. You would not think so much coastal sea life would be here but they migrate across the north west to Canada in the summer. It is this way in Great Falls and the Missouri river. One would think you were at the ocean with so many ocean birds. They rest on the water and feed on the gleanings of the wheat fields in the area in early spring. We do live with 6 months of cold weather to have the nice summer months. It was 39 this morning but clear with nice poofy pink clouds at sunrise about 5:30 this morning.


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