Friday, July 20, 2012


 Eventide begins with a rainbow over the Swan Range. Storms raging to the north with sun peaking through the clouds here and there.
 Rain over the last two months once again swells Echo Lake and the Causeway is swallowed once more. This happened last summer from the snow melt that resulted from the heavy snow pack of 2010 -2011 winter.
As the evening progresses the mountains surrounding the Jewel Basin take on the quiet blues of deep twilight. A peaceful time of the night . Still waters still minds.


  1. So breathtakingly beautiful!

    You've had a great deal of rain...we certainly could use is very dry here, with many forest fires raging in the province!


  2. Heather we have been very blessed so far this season. I know much of the continent is really hurting for cooler temperatures and rain. We are forecasted to go into a dry stretch and fire season for us starts now. wishing you fairer skies xx


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