Sunday, August 12, 2012

They are always your children

No matter how old they are , how responsible and productive , you always remember them as your children. A great visit with John and Jen a week ago. Someone was kind enough to snap this picture with Hidden lake in the background . It was great to see both of them !

John teaches science and Jen teaches music. John also has some wonderful artistic talents.  is a link to his blog and shows some of his work in wood ( furniture) and his painting ! 


  1. What a stunning photo visually...for you I know it is all about your children...wonderful to have a visit with both at the same time!

    I always consider myself fortunate that both my children live here in town and I see them weekly.


  2. what a beautiful couple -
    and what a backdrop!
    they must love coming to see you -
    i know how much you love seeing them...

  3. Kiddos grow and sprout wings . But when they can fly in for a visit it is always welcome ! thanks Heather I am glad your children are so close . This is my second son John and his wife Jen. She looks a lot like my daughter who is also a brunette. Thanks MJ , always a pleasure for you to stop by ! xx

  4. I have just begun the journey of parenting - this is a good reminder of the eternal nature of the role. Thank you :)



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