Sunday, November 4, 2012

Memories of Late Summer

 Last lazy warm days of summer looking over Jewel Basin. A trip to Echo Lake and a chance for the most coveted Marley to go swimming.
 The great leaping dog. He would do this for hours .
 What a big splash! Marley is about 70 pounds and makes quite the entry into the water.
What a strong swimmer! What a great delight watching him swim in the clear lake. Animals bring so much joy to life. They have such a happy spirit! Enjoy your pets today.


  1. Oh my, looking at the photo makes me feel serene! You are very fortunate to have such glorious views...I do have to say I miss my water views...

    lol...Marley looks as though he is having a wonderful time.


  2. Marley loves the water. He is just living with me temporarily till my daughter gets her own place. He has been a fun addition to my 3 dogs.


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