Monday, November 26, 2012

popcorn snow

 The day started sunny and warm. Warm being over 40 degrees. Then some wet pelting big fat flakes . Then the fun began. Lot's of bouncy round graupel falling everywhere and piling up nicely. It danced on the roof and flung itself to the ground where more bouncing was to take place .
 Graupel in the peachy sunset light.
Through the woods the neighbor horses do not seem to mind the weather. Another peaceful end of the day. Snow comes  in so many different ways . We will wait to see what is on the menu for tomorrow.


  1. how fascinating!
    love the pictures -

  2. I took a video of the graupel bouncing . it was quite a vertiginous experience. sort of like watching a 3 D movie. Well that's the back yard. I will work on something a bit more fetching for the next installment.


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