Monday, December 3, 2012

Shameless promotion

John and Jen
I have to make some noise about an artist I know quite well. He is truly the Renaissance Man. Earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts and a Masters in Art to teach science, he produces wonderful creations. His expertise ranges from Painting to making Furniture. And I do mean furniture the old school way. Well made and beautifully chosen woods that will last a lifetime and more. I have a few of these and cherish all of them. As we well know most Artists are not famous in their lifetime. However he is too much of a treasure not to share. His name is John and his link to his blog is below. If you need a nice wood rolling pin or candlesticks visit his link  for his blog.  johnhunterdesigns

He has an  Etsy shop here


  1. lol...wonderful shameless promotional post Laura!

    I'm thinking this amazingly talented fellow is your son?

    I took a look at his blog...from what I saw, he is one of those people who succeeds at what ever they try...definitly a treasure!


    1. Yes Heather you guessed it. My second son excels at working with his hands as well as teaching . He is meticulous and a perfectionist when it comes to creating his furniture or paintings.Thanks for stopping by!


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