Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lengthening Days

Frosted Foothills
Many people imagine that January is a gloomy month. However for me getting through November and the first three weeks of December is the chore. The days are getting shorter and are grey more than not. After the Winter Solstice we start adding minutes to the day as the Northern Hemisphere tilts back towards the warmth of the Sun. Many folks think that the seasons are caused by our relative distance to the sun. However we have the changing of the seasons due to the 23.45 degree tilt of the Earth's Axis. Our position in the grand ellipse around the Sun has little effect. How amazing that a slight nod towards the Sun can create our warm summer season allowing us to grow food.
Sun riding low in the Southern Skies
 For now the northern reaches of the Swan Range lies sleepily beneath this years' snowfall. The valley is sunny while the foothills have their own weather events at 7000 feet.
Wheat sleeping beneath the snow
 The promise of a crop this spring as the snow nourishes the seeds and protects them from frigid over night temperatures .
Strawberry Mountain Gleaming in the distance
Finishing the journey home Strawberry Mountain is glowing with the recent snow. I particularly enjoy the cloud play.
Snow shoeing on the access road to Strawberry Mountain
A fine end to the day before night fall over takes the daylight. A bit of snow shoeing up the access road to Strawberry Mountain. I recently snagged a pair on sale at Sierra Trading Post . So far they work pretty good. With a beautiful sky above and a foot of snow under my feet , it couldn't be better. A good day to face the sun and appreciate the warmth. Say hello!

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  1. I missed these glorious photos...the tree in the second last photo looks as though it is the path of very strong wind?



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