Monday, December 10, 2012

Sunshine and shoveling

Digging the path
After 16 inches of snow Friday and Saturday morning the Sun broke through the clouds and the morning work was admired. A path was made to the drive and the ritual of piling the snow has begun. Key to the summer survey is where to put the snow in the winter. I am lucky as there are several areas to "pile".Also key to the strategy is to shovel the snow while it is still soft. We had a nice day Friday in the high 20s as the powder accumulated. Saturday was also balmy however over night to Sunday morning it went to 14 degrees. Powder is definitely easier to move than snow frozen over and over. This comes back to the whole philosophy of making hay while the sun is shining. Or something like that adapted to snow. 
roof glacier
 People from the East marvel that I have no gutters. Well if I did put them on they would just be ripped off during winter. Likewise when putting a chimney on the roof , the closer to the apex the better as said roof glacier delights in ripping off chimneys as well. Icicles above dance in the afternoon  sunlight with lots of rainbows in the shifting light .
Western Larch dressed in snow
The Western Larch is bare for the winter but today dressed in a snow gown. Many a newby has accidentally cut all of their larch in the winter thinking they are dead. These Evergreens are also deciduous in that they shed their needles in the Fall creating a golden landscape along the lower elevations of the Mountains.My daughter and her BF were here late September . They helped with clearing some of the extra brush . We made two big piles of brush. My best intentions were to have it chipped up before snow however now I am glad I am tardy in my chores. The local deer population has been munching on the conveniently low branches now that the snow is covering so much of the grasses. They seem to enjoy the soft bark and remaining green needles.
Evening Rays
A fine end to a day of working outside. The sun casts some golden rays our way painting the tips of the trees as sunset nears.

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  1. I love the look of the trees when they are covered in fresh snow...they look so soft, but I know they get weighed down! Even the icicles are pretty to look at.



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