Saturday, December 8, 2012

12 inches later

While I was at work the weather was up to some mischief. It snowed all day at work over in the Valley. I knew that if it was heavy in town then out at the homestead it would be more. Along the Swan Mountains it is the snow belt . Generally we have at least twice the snow as town . Last March we had a foot over night and when I drove into town it was raining . So same Lantern but tonight it is standing next to a foot of snow on the deck. Roads were quite tolerable but the last 1000 feet of the dirt road was not plowed. Very sad news for the corolla. However the corolla was brave and flew up the dirt road in great style , the garage door opened with a touch of the button and we landed safely inside. What an adventure. Now the only thing to do was to hike to the house 100 feet away  and dig a path to the door . Tonight the odds are with the Mountain Lion. A foot of snow really slows you down during the dash to the house. The snow is great in the winter as it gathers the available star and moonlight. This  makes the long winter nights less dreary.
A very good nite to all . Safely inside and munching a sandwich with hot tea!

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