Monday, January 27, 2014

A Tale of Hearts

The clouds gathered in the Western sky . The Winds of Ill Will and Fate were planning their attack.

Ill Will said loudly " I will break their spirit by destroying their hopes and dreams " . Ill Will contemplated how he could send the poor humans to their knees with only despair to consider. 

Ill Fate gathered all the negative occurrences that he could muster. He filled his bag with poverty , bad health , and family treachery. Together they set out to inflict a terrible punishment on the humans. Their goal was to lock up the love in the Human heart .

 To break their spirits they brought the cold of the North wind and blew snow at the Humans that felt like stinging needles. The wind was fierce and caused the huddled humans to clasp their inadequate cloaks closer to their shivering bodies.  Ill  Will and Ill Fate nodded to each other in approval . "The 
Humans are in Pain ! It will not be long until they harden their hearts against the world that is treating them so cruelly."
 As the storm raged , one human pondered his lot . He thought about the cold and the wind driven snow. He thought about how little he had and his poor shelter barely holding up in the wind and snow. 
He remembered the treachery that had visited his close relatives. He considered his plight .  He could continue in fear steering his life as he had for several decades. Living in fear would allow  his heart to shrivel as he had seen in his fellow tribesmen. The Misery was palpable.

 He thought to himself  " I will not live in fear. I will not dwell on the treachery found in my tribe. I will turn my eyes to warmth of the winter sun . I will open my heart and empower my fellow tribesmen to move forward leaving Ill Will and Ill Fate to disappear with the passing storm. With a broad smile on his face he watched as the sun grew  brighter and brighter in the woods around him. As  he filled his heart with love for himself and for his tribesmen,   the sun grew golden through the trees and caressed his face with warmth. The rest of the tribe watched the opening of the brave  tribesman's heart and grew more and more hopeful . "We will embrace love and an open heart as our brave brother has done  " , an elder spoke to the rest of the tribe. The tribe prospered through the remainder of the winter.  

The negative Ill Winds were thwarted by Love . They left the fertile valley screeching at the top of the Wind searching  the Earth for a more welcoming  place to dwell .

February is heart month. Remember to fill your heart with love , compassion and kindness. 

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  1. absolutely, positively beautiful. i really like the idea of visualizing love like the warmth of the sun - i am going to hang on to that. it's the great irony, isn't it? that the walls people erect to protect themselves serve only to alienate them. connection only occurs when open and vulnerable. the reward is great when one takes the risk.


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