Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pocketstone Cafe
 Saturday is errand day . Time to wander to the local "big " city . Pick up the mail , grocery shop and stop by my favorite cafe. Good food and friendly people every time you walk through the door.  Paulette, the Pocketstone Barista, always has a welcoming smile on her face as you come through the door. The Pocketstone Cafe talking points are good, plentiful food , breakfast all day and their baked goods are fabulous. I can bake but as a single person this is a deadly habit. My solution to this dilemma is a once a week treat from the local cafe.
Downtown Bigfork MT
 We have had plentiful snow this year . Perhaps not the heaviest year but enough to satisfy the winter yearnings. Bigfork is not a large town but has just about everything you could need or want . My needs are simple so I am quite content to be here.
The best cupcakes in the world!
Perched in my snow bank outside the house are three of the Pocketstone's home made treats. The ever favorite chocolate cuppy cake. The Raspberry scone and last but not least the pumpkin bar with cream cheese frosting . Another fabulous favorite is the coconut cupcake. To die for. Just buy one . They are hard to resist.

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