Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Cleansing

We are two thirds of the way through Winter. Soon it will be a scant 4 weeks before the Vernal Equinox and the time to summon Spring.

Winter ,to the First Nations and the Native persons of the US , is a time of cleansing . To be brave like the Buffalo who faces in to the north winds is the work of the Winter .  The color on the Medicine Wheel symbolizing the North is White . Not surprisingly the North represents hardship and trials which when faced with courage also includes cleansing and strength. The winter winds bring snow so the Earth can rest under a blanket of white.  The winter winds take the leaves from the trees . Persons who face these winds head on like the buffalo learn patience and endurance in life .  Wisdom comes from the Northern direction. Take these last few weeks of solitude , when the Earth is still sleeping , to look within. To clear away that which is no longer useful . On a starlit night appreciate the quiet of the heavens and the distant howl of brother wolf.


  1. this is a fantastic post, laura - thank you so very very much for it. i am going to be thinking on it... and work to be brave - to face what needs to be faced with courage. very powerful stuff.

    1. this is the wisdom of the Grandmothers given to me . It is for anyone who will listen and use the teachings wisely .


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