Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring day on McDonald Lake : Happy in Montana

McDonald Lake as it pours into the Creek
 A bit of a jaunt on a sunny day to GNP , first stop Fisher Creek parking lot . The inside roads are still closed but you can hike to the creek edge and enjoy one of the nicest views of the Continental divide. McDonald creek is cold and clear . 40 degrees air temperature with the sun feels great .
fast moving ruffian
 Back around on the Going to the Sun road, I stop at the last pull out before Sprague Creek. I was contemplating how to get down the bank to the Lake when I heard hooves behind me and 5 yearling deer came flying through . Not much to do but to hold still and hope they go around . I was a bit concerned about what was chasing them. hmmm Mr Griz waking up this fine April day.
Ruffian's friend 

Down the bank and up the Lake
 After recovering from the stampede I took a stroll through the woods and checked things out . The snow is melted for the most part but the ground is still hard and frozen solid.
East end of the Lake
Up at the East end of the lake it is peaceful with just a touch of wind this afternoon. The sun more than makes up for it tho. short sleeves and a light down vest is enough for now.
Little feet take a rest 
Back down at Apgar a moments rest and time to soak in the sun. The continental divide is quite glowing in the afternoon sun.
Clear waters 

Sprague creek bubbles into the lake
 I ran into the 5 ruffians down at the McDonald Lodge . They looked quite sedate compared to their earlier race with death.
Finally we meet again , the 5 ruffians
Another satisfying Little Feet adventure . Spring Break up is on the way. Warmer days are ahead.

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