Thursday, May 1, 2014

Slowly ….

Western Larch Budding
 Slowly life returns to the North West Rockies. It is warm for the last two days to 70 degrees and the buds are popping everywhere. A welcome sight when the Larch return to leaf. They shed their needles in the fall and lie dormant during winter fooling many who think the trees are no longer alive.
wild strawberries
 The cherry trees are budding out as are the apples. Not to get in too much of a hurry as we had snow in late May last year . Cautiously now , very carefully venture forth.
Cherry Buds 

Apple buds 

Lawn Beauty 
 The Rocky Mountain Maples are not at all the grand trees found back east. There may be a wobbly stem that grows out of these sprouts and sprigs. However the deer really like to munch on this new growth so it is a great diversion .
Rocky Mountain Maple sprouts

Ant's eye view 
In great haste I planted the garlic last October just before our first snow. it is great to see them coming up and looking quite fit . We will see what happens at harvest. There are three heritage types: Persian, Chet's , and music . So something to look forward too in late summer .

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