Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Water Racing Moon

wild Arnica good topically but don't eat

McDonald Creek heading west 

McDonald Creek as it Exits the West end of the Lake 

Fragrant flower 

Another view of the water exiting McDonald Lake into the Creek

Rocky point trail , Griz country

a friend on the lake beach 

McDonald Lake looking East to the Continental divide 

McDonald Lake 

Upper McDonald Creek where Avalanche Creek comes in

Avalanche Creek Showing off

Avalanche Creek

yet more  showing off  with a huge gurgling hole

Trillium blooming today
This is the Water Racing Moon, It will be full in about two weeks. During this time the water that has been locked away as snow for the last 7 months is mobilizing and racing towards the Pacific. All at once it would seem. The Lakes are full , the creeks are boisterous , and to tell you the truth the creeks are showing off just a bit with their frothy foamy bubbling as the water makes it's way from the mountains. It is easy to feel the exuberance of the water as it nourishes and brings life to the plants and animals. A good day of hiking for sure . A nourishing recharge.

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