Monday, December 29, 2014

Edging towards the New Year

Lighted Bike

Downtown Whitefish

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First seven inches of snow

streaming snow

17 inches Sunday Morning
The snow started Saturday late morning and continued until the next morning early. 17 inches at the house. Before driving home on Saturday I went downtown for a few errands. The wind was whipping up and the snow was flying . The nice thing about decorations in the winter is that it makes the cold season a bit more cheerful. A bike rider crossed the street near by . I followed wanting to get a picture of the super cool bike with lights on the tires. He disappeared around a corner but lucky for me he stopped at the liquor store.  When I returned home we had the first 7 inches on the ground . By morning the second 10 had joined . The trees had been transformed to near snow ghosts. The snow is a blessing though. Good snow pack is water next year and a nice insulating layer now for the tender plants hibernating winter. Time to rest , stoke the fire and contemplate the New Year just around the corner .

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