Sunday, December 14, 2014

March in December

Forest in the front yard 

Hoof print of a friend 

Friendly firs

wood sled
There is an unwritten rule that requests the temperature to stay under 30 degrees once winter commences. The weather is ignoring that this year and we are drippy. A similar drippiness occurs in March as we thaw from the winter . Needless to say it is very slippery out . I have remembered to secure a sled this year for my wood transportation. Normally I make 4 trips to stock the wood box for a 24 hour period . However the sled is great and easily moves 8 pieces at one time which will last a good 24 hours . The wood heat is much more warmer than the propane altho that is certainly an option.  Grateful for dry seasoned wood and a stove that has low emissions. We often get inversions in the Valley and I am glad I am not boosting the particulate matter .

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