Friday, June 19, 2009


Pictures 1. unripened blackberries 2 . Butterfly bush in purple 3. Delicate Raspberries 4 . Blueberry ensemble

It is berry time!!!! This is my favorite time for right now because the berries are ripening . It is beyond me how anyone markets raspberries as they are so fragile. Wandering and grazing in the yard I am filled with gratitude that Mother Earth makes such a wonderful setting to grow and nurture such an array of fruiting plants. The blueberry is a favorite because they are a display of blues to purples that change dailey in their journey to ripeness. In the spring the leaves have an ethereal quality that shimmers in the morning dew. So today the focus is on Gratitude , that we have enough sun , rain and fertile soil. I will hold that gratitude and radiate it into this weekend's creations.


  1. Thanks for the visit, comment and following!!!

    Your site is wonderful, all the fresh fruit etc., as well I really like the organic twist to your pieces...turquoise is a favorite of mine as well!!

    I live in Ontario Canada so my winters are plenty cold...I've never seen a spider the size of the one I saw last week...I'm not afraid of spiders but this one actually made me give a little yell!!!! :0)

    I'll check back when I have some time to look through...

  2. Hi from the Colorado Rockies! Lucky you to be able to grow berries!!! I have always wanted to see the Smokies for myself. I love turquoise as well, so had to connect to you as a fellow artist living daily with mountain life :-)


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