Thursday, June 4, 2009


This is a great time of the year, watching all the baby leaves and flowers popping. The Creative juices are flowing and it brings to mind the Spiral . A symbol of the divine feminine, the renewal and cycling of life from birth, growth, death and rebirth. It appears in ancient art throughout the world as a reminder to stay flexible, to retain the spark of life and to question everything. The spiral is found in many world cultures. We find the spiral in Celtic art, Native American petroglyphs, the spiritual texts of the Hindu, Aboriginal art in Australia and one of my favorites the Nazca Earthworks. The spiral is found in so many places in Nature. We see it in the magnificent galaxies, as well as the humble snail . Next time you wander through the forrest appreciate the spirals of the ferns as they reach for the sunlight. I have been inspired by the spiral to include it in my latest work. Inspiration comes in many forms, from the actual creative process to communicating our ideas and creations to others. One of the websites that I have found to be very easy to use is We are presently working to increase awareness of selling online especially for independent artists. Look us up !

spiral galaxy courtesy of NASA/JPL

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  1. Great story! Connecting to nature always gives me warm fuzzies!


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