Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Citrine is one of my favorites because it does not collect negative energy as it helps the wearer work on both physical and more etheric problems. It never needs cleansing. It is a quartz family member with colors from light yellows to deep amber . It's energies help to align the chakras, it brings lightness to the root chakra, clarity to the 3rd chakra at the solar plexus. In faceted form Citrine helps the crown chakra combine intelligence and the perfection of the crown chakra to encourage the awakening of the mind. Citrine is optimism, new beginnings, and forward looking to the East and the rising sun.
For More on Citrine , see Melody's book " Love is in the Earth"


  1. oh , now I understand why citrine is one of my favorites!....

    thanks for stopping by my blog!...and yea, technology is indeed elusive, yet magical at the same time...like this!

  2. How neat! I've been reading The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, and I find crystals absolutely fascinating! The citrine is gorgeous. I also like the amethyst citrine mix called "ametrine" or something like that.

  3. you are so right! I love the cool colors but citrine keeps calling my name, ametrine is a wonderful stone, I just acquired some , thinking of some cool things to do with these new brios. ; )

  4. I find the whole subject fascinating...I've a number of books on crystals, The Crystal Bible being one of them...

    I love everything purple in including amethyst...but I find them all wonderful for different reasons!

    Your citrine look lovely...


  5. Each stone is a joy unto itself, it is like having many children , you love them all for their own distinct individual characteristics !

  6. That is such great information! Now I want to go on a treasure hunt for some Citrine....♥


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