Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pure Energy

Pure Energy Sleeping Beauty Turquoise in the rare Green color, on copper wires, hand made spirals and earwires. 2 inches


  1. very pretty... i love copper with blues/greens - i was thinking of a pair to work in turquoise today! thank you for stopping by my blog - your comment was wonderful... i was poking around looking for your first name - it seems so impersonal to do otherwise - and saw on etsy that we share the same birthday! cool - how do you like 1000 markets? i am on etsy and artfire but artfire seems to be a bit of a dud for me...

  2. Cool, so you kake the spiral things at the ends? How neat! I love turquoise and I love copper :) Nice combo!

  3. Great combo...I've done turquoise with brown niobium wire...loved the effect.

    I don't work much with copper as I don't find there is a market for it at my shows etc.



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