Monday, September 28, 2009

After the rains

We have had two weeks of steady and sometimes heavy rain. The creek is coming down , at it's crest was 5 or 6 feet higher. A sight to behold.


  1. What an impressive shot...I enlarged the photo to see the detail better and the water looks very angry!!!

    Two weeks of steady rain is a great deal...hope it slows down for you soon!
    September here has been sunny and warm...couldn't have asked for a better month...the last two days we've had rain, but only heavy for a short period of time!!!

    The way I think about life is we are never too old to start something new...your photos would make great prints or even greeting cards! Just me thinking out loud... :0)


  2. Wow, that is a sight to see. I'm glad you are okay and not flooded. Here, we have had barely any rain at all.

  3. that is a beautiful picture - ironic though how nature in its fury can be photogenic and entrancing... i am always humbled by it...

  4. I think the most I can say about the creek is that it is powerful, definitely you have to respect her moods, this is the same creek as in the previous blog ( Fall slipping away with the green ) , before the rains, there is 14 miles of water shed that feeds her from 6000 feet down to our 2000 foot elevation. I love it when the water is full , lots of very cool energy! Thank you for your appreciation of Mother Nature's beauty.


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