Friday, September 18, 2009

Waxing philosophical , the red mushroom returns

The red mushroom returns, on a rainy night where we wax philosophical. A microcosm in the web of life.

"Wise people are not always educated; educated people are not necessarily smart, let alone intelligent. Good people never argue; people who argue are bad news. Knowing things makes one smart; knowing yourself makes you wise. To rule others, one must be powerful- to rule yourself , you must be strong. If I have only what I need, I have true wealth. If we never give up , we find a way. If you stay true to yourself , you will never be lost. If you stay aware your whole life , you will have truly lived- and made a difference . " ~ The St. Clair Tao


  1. thanks for stopping by the blog , I love the red mushroom , it was such a surprise!


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