Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Autumn Warmth

Ok there might be a rumor out that I do nothing but roam the countryside to take pictures, here is the evidence , a nice pair of warm earthy necklaces for a special friend, more to come in a couple of weeks after my walkabout.

on the left an ocean jasper with black and dark green tourmaline, hessionite garnet and smoky quartz. The right side is petrified wood beads, dark green rondels of tourmaline and smoky quartz accents. Both with a sterling spirit horse pendant.


  1. LOL...now who would spread such a rumor???

    Lovely necklaces...I'm a fan of all the stones and colors...

    I enlarged the picture so I could see the detail in the pendants and they are great!!!


  2. thank you ladies for your comments, the petrified wood necklace is great in person , the photos alas were quick as I was packing for the road, but you get the general idea, thanks for stopping by, always love your input !


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