Saturday, October 24, 2009

Perfect Timing

If you happened to be in the Great Smokies this weekend, you experienced perfect timing. Gorgeous colors revealed as the chlorophyll decreases in the leaves. Interesting enough those colors are present all the time but we don't see them till fall due to the biology of plant metabolism. I like to think that sometimes people are like leaves in the summer, sometimes they have wonderful aspects that are not immediately apparent. Until Fall or some pivitol event , then their true colors shine through. Take the time to enjoy the change of season and perhaps to look with new eyes beneath the surface of those around you. You may discover something invaluable that was hidden by the greens of summer.

pics 1 sassafrass 2 Maple 3 Hickory 4 Maple


  1. Yes...sometime people are not who we think they are...positive surprises are always good!


  2. Thanks Heather, I like to practice looking for something positive even tho logic would dictate otherwise.


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