Thursday, October 15, 2009


I spent the first part of October traveling across the northern plains. What is striking is how vast they are. What is more striking is the strength that I imagine that powers the people who have inhabited these areas. Fields that go forever. Endless silence punctuated by the wind, geese in formation, and the sound of the train whistle in the night.


  1. Oh my...the first photo is stunning...with the flat land and those magnificent mountains rising up behind!!!!!!

    The second while a great photo looks rather desolate and dry, as though a person might be lonely living in around there!

    Wonderful country...these shots make me want to travel the Norther Plains!


  2. As I crossed in the relative speed and comfort of a train, I had to wonder what strength the early pioneers must have had. Even today the vastness of the plains would be a challenge, yet there are so many cultivated fields and grazing areas. I truly admire the people who manage and embrace this lifestyle.


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