Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WW Icy paradise


  1. The photo is stunning even with all the clouds, this view must be magnificent with out them! I clicked to enlarge and the mountains certainly make a statement coming up out of the flat land...don't they!!!

    The road looks terribly treacherous...very scary when the road is covered in ice! My son, his wife and I were driving back from Florida a couple of years ago and all of a sudden the explorer in front of us did a a spin out but managed to keep the vehicle on the road and keep going...we new immediately it was due to ice but everyone just kept their vehicle on the road...there were cars behind us so no body stopped... my son took his foot off the gas and more or less coasted along (which I think those behind us did as well) until we hit a spot without ice...very scary feeling!!! My son drives a great deal on the highways so while he was uncomfortable he was in control! Thank goodness... :0)


  2. wow sounds like you had a close call, I am glad your son was so skilled !


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