Friday, January 29, 2010

Blizzard Part Deux

Here we go again. We have had dinner plate size snow falling out of the sky , ok maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but at any rate 3 hours and 7 inches later it is still falling .

I have been officially busted. Yes those are Christmas lights on my tree. An old tradition. Leave them up till you get arrested by the neighborhood association.

So all is cozy , the fur balls are curled up next to the fire, and the lights are flickering as the limbs get heavy and lean on the power lines. Thank goodness for wood heat. We will see how things are in the morning . For now I am out to "mess" up the snow and gently unburden the limbs so they don't break , humming a few barrs of "MacArthur's Park" and all that sweet cream icing melting ; )


  1. wow- it got really cold here today... need to check the weather for us - it may be moving up... fur babies always find a way to stay warm! even if they steal it from you (of course, we benefit in that one as well)... you made me laugh about your lights - but they do look pretty with the snow on them... do you walk the dog in this?

  2. Wow, that's a lot of snow ! I love the photo of the tree still decorated in lights and heavy with newly fallen is pretty enough for a Christmas card. :)
    Cuddle up, have a cup of hot chocolate, tea or what ever is your preference, and stay warm.

  3. Hot chocolate is on for sure ! It is my treat for walking the dogs , four of them , they get so distracted by this stuff ; )

  4. 7 inches in three hours is a great deal of snow...looks beautiful though..I like that you leave your lights up, it is a nice touch, they always look so pretty!

    I'm not a huge fan of the cold but I can appreciate the beauty of winter!!!

    My kitty has taken to laying on the vents...she isn't a cuddler so the warm air coming from the vents is the next best thing!
    Hope the snow has eased today...

  5. We have a nice icy rain at the moment so things are quite drippy, shoveled the drive so I can get out, and going to walk the dogs now. I hope everyone is cozy and warm


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