Sunday, January 17, 2010


Earrings inspired by our Mother Earth, In Raku handmade lampwork beads by RadiantMind, amethyst, olive lampwork, copper and sterling wires. 2 7/8 inches Not for the faint of heart. you will be noticed in these .

This week has been a terrible demonstration of the power that lies within our Earth. We keep the people of Haiti in our thoughts and prayers as they try to put their lives back together. A lot of articles have expressed surprise for such a strong quake , as most people think of the Ring of Fire in the Pacific when they think of Earthquake danger. However earthquake scientists have been warning us about a potentially large quake since 2008 along the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden Fault which is part of the boundary between the North American and Carribean Plates.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with Jewelry. Ok , I have mentioned before that I really like Geology, not necessarily the kind that might hurt us , but in general. One of my favorite Geology writers is John MCPhee. He has written many books about the Earth's movements. One that I am reading at moment is "Basin and Range" . This particular book describes the austere province from Eastern Utah to Eastern California.( I can feel the alkali in my mouth and nose, the sun baking me as I ponder over the ooliths.) I could spend so much time contemplating the movements of Gaia , our Mother. The earrings I present today are inspired by the layers and raw metals of our Mother, Gaia , who shelters us on her crust, sometimes quiet , but never sleeping.


  1. We live our lives not really paying attention to the fact the earth moves...sadly it sometimes takes a tragedy to remind us...your wonderful earrings fit perfectly with this post...from the colors of the beads to the layering of copper and silver...earthy, rustic but beautiful!


  2. Lovely post and lovely earrrings! Have a great evening!


  3. Those earrings are beautiful!

    Luckily, the Red Cross makes it very easy to donate ;) Also, there's an Etsy shop called CraftHope that you can donate something handmade to, and the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders.

  4. Thank you ladies, Doctors without Borders is my favorite charity , I have it attached to my life insurance, an interesting twist that a donation comes with the policy, but any way on the news today they said DWB had tried 5 times to land in Haiti with a team and had been turned away , unbelievable, but thanks for the etsy shop information, I will check it out, I think most people do not consider the landing conditions in Haiti, doing one landing strip by hand radio, with damage in the actually ports themselves making ship access difficult, but thank goodness things seem to be sorting out now. Peace and Blessings xx


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