Monday, February 25, 2013

Black and white

The morning drive started in Black and White and various shades of grey. The valley is known for it's cloud cover in the winter. This has upon occasion driven the local population to late winter insanity. However I am good. No insanity here. I spent 14 years in the Southern Appalachians ( see my earlier blogs) and very interestingly the Smoky Mountains have some same weather features as the Western slopes of the Rockies. In a way I was perfectly preconditioned to live in the "valley of gloom ". Perhaps those are strong words. I actually am grateful for the cloud cover. It insulates us during the winter months so we do not plunge into the single or negative digits. It keeps the Good Earth somewhat moist. Less than the Smokies but more than a desert. So I celebrate our cloud cover.
 Neighboring Black Cows against a beautiful morning in a simple palette of greys.
Jewel Basin
 Driving home in the evening was a different story . Muted blues against the snow cover. Looking south the Swan and Jewel Basin are glowing .
Peter's Ridge
 Above a bit of Alpine glow graces the ridges above my house . I often look up at the tree line and wonder how many mountain lions are contemplating life in their rocky perches.
Eastern Foothills
 Access to the Strawberry Mountain Trail frosted with a few feet of snow . This is a great place to take a walk in the snow shoes.
 Last leg of the journey home . The roads are snow packed but quite passable. The sun is setting and drenching the sky with color. I spy my turnoff  just ahead and smile with satisfaction that I am home again.
Sunset looking towards the valley
 The last few rosy rays of pink light my way as I walk to the house . It has been a good day .
Alpine glow through the trees

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