Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Elk Herd

Today was a day going to the Vet . It is impossible to take 4 dogs on one trip so I made two. This afternoon I spied a herd of Elk. A quick turn down a mud and ice road and there they were a couple of hundred feet away. Yep the big fella in front has horns. Hard to see but I was watching him watch me and ready to jump into my car with in easy reach.  
 These elk will head up into the hills as the snow melts. There is a highway beyond the house in the distance and about a quarter mile south of here there is a wildlife tunnel under the highway for the herd to move . I am every vigilant in case they decide to go straight across. Now that there are longer days it isn't such a terrifying drive home as you can see in the distance. Not so much in the winter dark with snow coming down.

The herd facing East . They are magnificent and I feel lucky to spend a few minutes with them this afternoon.

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