Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy in Montana: Being a good steward of the Land

A small herd visits the yard .
 I was listening to Montana Public Radio this morning and there was a short piece on a rancher who worked to live side by side with the wildlife of Montana. He had moved here from Virginia I think and had figured a way to fence his land but make it so the Elk did not get caught in the top fencing . He replaced the top line of barb wire with a straight wire line that was white so the Elk could see it.  His philosophy was that you didn't have to be perfect but simply make something better. This of course led me to think of Land stewardship.
Early morning visitors
 As we share this beautiful country with the wild creatures that preceded us, You have to think about how you solve problems. How are the water resources handled? This is a state that has designated certain plants as noxious. Do we spray them with out a care about toxicity or do we find perhaps more difficult solutions without so much toxicity at the end game.
Grazing the Rocky Mountain Maple
 In the morning light the deer have a surreal beauty in their honeyed brown summer coats. The adults graze on the underbrush moving closer to my rose bush. The baby catching every slight move I make capturing their morning meal.
Baby fawn is aware of being watched

Mr Fuzzy Antlers
Proud buck . He probably would not like me calling him Mr Fuzzy Antlers. Either way it was nice to see him this morning , his coat sleek with a summer of plentiful forage . When we are good stewards of the land everyone benefits. Our balance is maintained and life thrives. The Ma'at the personification of truth , cosmic order and justice is maintained. We celebrate our connectedness . When we live life with this knowing in every one of our cells we move forward to create beauty in this world. Beauty and abundance that manifests from an appreciation of all creatures and their contribution to life here on the blue gem .


  1. with a most deeply heart felt thank you for these words today - what a wonderful focus for us all.

    1. If we could all simply think about the space around us , our individual local area, cherish it and make it the best we can the world would be such a better place!


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