Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy in Montana: Lavender Days of Summer

 During the two weeks of summer here in North West Montana, it is a flurry of activity . The long summer hours beckon you outdoors late into the evening . I happen to like the flowers and gardening .This is the  legacy my mother leaves me ,  an appreciation for the finer blooms in life that are fleeting but exquisite.There is a metaphor there somewhere I believe.
I inherited some lavender beds with the house I found waiting for me in the Valley.  Several years of neglect and winter plowing had left the area wanting for attention. I finally managed to get to this on the list of many chores outside. The hardest part is dodging the bumble bees and hornets. The bumbles are  not so aggressive but I can't say as much for the hornets. They are just cranky. 
Joyful lavender
 So for now the lavender is mulched and blooming with great enthusiasm. I have finished the beds with two small Dwarf Alberta Spruce that I rescued from the Arboretum south of Helena one December day. They are doing nicely. The owner of the arboretum had rescued them from a nursery going out of business. I suppose that makes them twice rescued. I remember stuffing 7 trees into the Corolla and sailing back down the Swan Highway at dusk rocketing back to the cozy house in the woods.
Dwarf Alberta Spruce
Now for the next project ! Always some thing to do during the short summer . Quickly before the snow flies again.


  1. the lavender looks just beautiful!and when i see conifers, i think of your tree that gets the lights on it. and how pretty that must be in the dark that comes so early.

  2. well the dark will come and the cheerful lights will be on the tree again, it will be a welcome sight. It is hard to believe that winter will be here soon.


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