Friday, July 5, 2013

Hot day turns cool ......

Horse Pasture in white, and it is winter again ....
 While  I was out watering the plants in the mid 90s heat , a storm moved slowly my way with 'Jaggedy' lightning. This is a special type of lightning that kills you dead. So when you see the clouds and hear the thunder you head indoors. About the time I was getting comfy with a cup of decaf , there was a major noise on the roof. Hail started tentatively at first then came crashing down.
potted plants hugging the wall for protection
 I ran to the deck and put the potted flowers and other plants on the west side of the house up against the wall hoping they wouldn't be shredded
Hail on the porch steps
 Back in the front on the porch the wind is whipping and throwing ice at me as I tippy toe in my bare feet ( it was hot previously ) on the porch.
Live streaming weather

It wouldn't be a good storm with out the sun shining during part of it. And incidentally this is why it is good to have a garage to park in if you live in Montana. 

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