Sunday, June 30, 2013

Happy in Montana: Another Little Feet adventure to Avalanche Lake

Avalanche Creek
 A great way to bring June to a close. Hiking up to Avalanche  Lake with my favorite daughter. The snow melt is in full swing and the creek is full with lots of jumping cascades and frothy falls.
Avalanche Trail
Hiking through the dense forest there is an area of previous storm damage with lots of dead fall. The good news is that you can now see a view as you pick your way through giant trees that were knocked down by the wind storm 
Avalanche Gorge filled to the Brim
 The gorge has many moods. I do love it when the creek is full and there is a great deal of sloshing going on.
Avalanche Trail mossy goodness
 The Lake is 2.5 miles from the parking lot . more hiking through dense woods with the bear spray in hand. We probably won't need it as many tourists are hiking today in flip flops and without water. Their kids are running loose ahead of them .
Gnarled tree roots
Lots of old conifers on this trail, western cedar and various firs. At one point the creek is full and spills through the lower forest floor making an impromptu marsh . Bird song is every where . 
The Creek escapes the banks and meanders through the forest
We are rewarded by reaching our destination. The sound of water falls crashing off the cirque ahead of us. Avalanche Lake spills out cold and clear with beautiful colors of green and blue. 
Avalanche lake

Nothing better than snow melt in the Rockies
 The water for the first few feet has been warmed by the sun but farther in the feet go numb as the temperature drops . Plenty of ducks across the lake fishing while we are pursued by the local chipmunks .
Happy in Montana: Little Feet

As we hiked back to the lower trail we passed a Ranger looking for a bear that was just spotted in the area.  We didn't see it or smell it but glad to be back to base in one healthy and happy piece.
A bit of live action with the creek entertaining my favorite daughter .

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  1. what a wonderful adventure and a beautiful daughter! so glad you went with your sweet girl. the images are just incredibly moving, as always -


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