Sunday, June 16, 2013

Stillness and other musings ....

Bee friend gathering wild Montana Rose pollen
A tribute to our bee friends who are struggling .Is it the cell towers,the high fructose syrup fed to the bees, the mono crops or the neonicotinoid pesticides we liberally sprinkle on everything? Whatever it is we as the human guardians need to get busy to find the cause and eliminate it. We will not do well with out our bee friend. As a small start I am planting my yard with a variety of bee tasty flowers emphasizing the native species. The Montana wild rose may not be much of a looker but this lucky bee had a giant ball of pollen gathered so they must like this wild flower.
Echo Lake sunset
After chores a quick trip to the lake for a walk at sunset. The air is gentle and the Osprey are calling out to each other .Ospreys are big birds if you have never seen one up close .  One bird parent stays in  the nest and the other bird parent fishes. I wish I was fast on the camera draw as one of the parents flew down to the lake surface and snagged a fish that was a least 18 inches long. The adult flew back to the nest holding the dinner in it's feet. The fish glistening in the setting sun. The osprey have a very definite call . Their conversation back and forth bring the lake alive along with other evening bird song. As we know a wise person once said that "birdsong sings life forward". In the stillness of the evening that feels true down to my toes.
Osprey Nest
 No flooding this year . The waters are still and not even close to breaching the causeway road as in years past. The snow pack was adequate but not excessive this year.

Marsh at the North end of the Lake
 The north end of the lake eventually dries out leaving a marsh as Fall approaches. For now it is home to the water fowl with good nesting grounds.
In stillness we hear the voice of wisdom
 When you walk in nature are you at peace? Is your heart content? Do you have positive feelings about your life choices and the good you do with your hands ? If you can say yes to these questions then you know you are turning your footsteps towards the path that leads away from misery and towards enlightenment. The human soul makes choices every day ,all day long that either encourages or stunts the growth. There are a lot of deceptive distractions that can lead the soul to stagnation and then death. If you can be quiet inside and leave the clutter of the external world behind then you are well on your way to connecting with the ancient wisdom and light that is available to us as we travel this land.
Volunteer flower
 We are lucky to have 2 and 4 legged companions on our journey. When you look in the mirror and see as much compassion as this kind four legged carries in his heart you will be close to soul completeness. Many people think animals are not our equal . I for one beg to differ. Safe journey my fellow seekers. Protect yourselves and be aware. Look for the beauty in life, the stillness and peace around you , but be alert to those who might cause you to stumble. Love is the answer . Always..

The eyes of compassion

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