Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy in Montana: Healthy Boundaries

super moon
 The super moon is out. In the valley here we have abundant clouds which makes chasing the super moon tonight more of a challenge. Always balanced with the ever present question of how long do we want to stand in the dark waiting for the clouds to shift? This is tempered by the question of where is the mountain lion right now ?
This is a rose bush I planted in great haste last fall . It is bee friendly and as I checked out the yard this morning the bees were gathering great balls of yellow pollen tight to their bee tummies for the flight back to the hive. Some day I will have hives here but for now creating a bee friendly space is fine. 
Blue Flax
I believe this is blue flax . They are a new find this year and of course I am delighted they have joined the yard in providing for diversity.
Trumpet Honeysuckle
Another new comer ( I am sure they were there all along ) is the Trumpet Honeysuckle . I was in the deep forest part of the yard and noticed these orange flowers on the ground. Later I found a large clump of them at eye level and they were on a vine versus flowers from a tree. 

Fungal composition
A beautiful fungal composition deep within the woods. within the few acres that I care for, there is open meadow and deep deep forest with mossy recesses. I suppose you think of Montana as being very dry. And yes it can be very dry especially in August and September . However we are in the Rainy Season and the fungi are having a merry time with the nutrients found on the forest floor.
 Dozens of seedlings have sprouted in the warmth of the spring.
Wet weather nurtures fungal variety

Velvety Iris
 Although not a wild flower , the iris is very happy this morning . Another being happy to be in Montana. Happiness is essential for health. Boundaries that are healthy are one of the prime lessons we work on  while we spin though space on this beautiful gem. Where do we stop and start as people? What are we really responsible for? Those of us who have our physical health and mental faculties have a responsibility to be aware of what we create. We make choices daily and we need to be aware of those choices. We are more than a pin ball bouncing off of  obstacles within a game. Our energy can either be self supporting or that of an energy vampire. We can lift up those that we come in contact or we can drain others by demanding that they sacrifice their lives to our laziness. So much complication for day to day decisions. We can be good parents and encourage our children to grow and explore life with enthusiasm or we can shackle our children with guilt,fear  and the threat of rejection . From cradle to grave we have the opportunity to create our lives in a positive and truly beautiful expression of who we are soul wise. Why do individuals go astray? Why do people choose greed , lies, violence and fear? Is this necessarily an easier path than generosity, truth , peace and courage? Look at your boundaries. Are they healthy ones? Or have you been coerced, frightened, or threatened into making your life decisions? Choose wisely. Walk softly on this beautiful Earth, say hello to the Sun and let the Universe know you are full of love and light.
wild lupine in the meadow


  1. i love how you speak from the soul, from your years of experience and with a candor that is refreshing, non-judgmental and very very much appreciated.
    all of the earth dwellers in your yard are beauties - i just love honeysuckle and had never seen that variety.
    thank you for these wise words today - i am sure i will be thinking on them for days.

  2. the honeysuckle was new for me too as was the blue flax. We have a lot of fences here for animals ( horses and cows ) yet it is a free range state so if you are driving too fast and hit something it is your own fault. I think that applies in life too. Don't go too fast and keep your eyes open for the unexpected. xxxooo


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