Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy in Montana

A surprise beauty this morning
Another glorious morning . People kick into high gear when it gets warm in this area. Lists of things to accomplish before the first snow flies.  June has been a prolific blooming month. This is a new iris to bloom this year. It was hiding the last two springs in the cozy house in the woods. 
A wild grass that flowers
 Nice creamy flowers that bloom from some sort of grass. I still need to look this up . A lot of folks might want to spray it and get rid of it but I look forward to this one's visit each spring.
wild grass before it unfurled
 It has been a week of heavy machinery and burn piles. My neighbors have horses and the patch of wild woods is transforming into pasture. Good for me as now I can see the Mountains better and it does help with fire mitigation to get rid of the scrubby packed grand fir. It was a mess before but now even Mr Mountain Lion can be seen sneaking up on us.
Neighbors hard at work

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