Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Trip to the Forest Floor : Fungal Goodness

"Nature alone is Antique, and the oldest art a Mushroom"  ~ Thomas Carlyle, Sartor Resartus

 A trip to the forest floor today . In such a semi arid area one would not expect to be finding so many fungal species thriving. Carefully making my way in the lower wetland part of the yard there are mushrooms of all descriptions . Small petite ones hide amongst the mosses . Large Mushrooms pop up in protected tree roots .
 Some petite babies next to a vibrant yellow fungus. There is a notion that only the poisonous mushrooms are brightly colored . But this is not necessarily true as both edible and poisonous species can have brilliant hues.

 These babies are about 5 inches across. They were nestled in the grasses below the White Pine tree.

 Deep in the forest the floor sustains a whole array of life . Mosses abound and the floor is green with these little creatures .
New Earth Supplements

 Mushrooms have been a part of culture from medicinals, food to be gathered, and used by Shamans for their psychotropic effects . Particularly some mushrooms enhance the body's ability to heal. The king of mushrooms is the Maitake. It has been used to enhance the immune system. Cordyceps stimulate macrophage activity allowing your body to more efficiently fight viral and bacterial infections. Reishi mushrooms have components that nourish the nerves and adrenal glands. Shiitake is known as the elixir of life as it stimulates T Lymphocytes and Natural Killer cells . It is also rich in antioxidants.  When using mushrooms it is important to buy from a knowledgable person. Some mushrooms are toxic and can cause liver to kidney failure . Amanita Phalloides is responsible for most of the poisoning deaths. So best not to go out to the yard and graze.  There are reliable products that include these mushrooms for immune health . New Earth has two products "Thrive" and " Wild " that utilize the benefits of mushrooms . To learn more click here . Enjoy the world of mushrooms !

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As dusk approaches the mushrooms keep watch in the forest


  1. ever since i was little, i would envision myself moving in that small world. i am enchanted by mosses and mushrooms - thank you so much for the gorgeous tour.

  2. I think the micro world of itty bitty things is fascinating. I was moving my lilac bush to a better spot when I looked at my feet . there were incredible mushies hiding in the wood debris. more fun than I can stand. so I went on a hunt after fencing the lilac . You know who would be by soon to nibble it .


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