Monday, October 28, 2013

Before the Storm : Happy in Montana

East end of McDonald Lake 
 I was just out splitting wood. It sounds very poetic. The reality is that it is very much like Yoda teaching Luke how to levitate things. You have to feel the force. As a female I have been indoctrinated to avoid hitting things. When you split wood the whole idea is to hit something and hard. Before you think this is a sad and difficult life I lead, know I can at any time turn on the propane furnace. I digress......

Saturday was a beautiful and noteworthy Fall day. So instead of cleaning the house, I went to Glacier for a quick peek before the Storm. Weather reports called for strong winds and snow starting Sunday afternoon for 24 hours. The trip to Glacier was of course rewarding . It was quiet as this is not the tourist season and the government shutdown had caused lots of people to cancel vacations. Oddly enough as I approached the entrance there wasn't anyone at the ranger station to check my season's pass. So I rolled on through. Slowly of course.
A random rock Cairn on the side of the creek

Looking west from a  creek as it enters the Lake
 After hiking a bit up at Avalanche and the Trail of the Cedars, the sun sets providing a spectacular show as it slides over the western mountains .
The definition of Serenity 
 Serenity is a state and choice of mind. It is also found in many of the Earth's sacred places. McDonald Lake is such a place.
Alpine Glow on the Continental Divide 
 Bringing the afternoon to a close we stopped for a quick drink from Mc Donald Lake and to take in the ethereal colours that result in the these high latitudes as the sun sinks westerly.
One last stop to say good bye to the Lake
 The skies were a bit hazy Saturday as people west of the Park were  burning brush piles and the the smoke was drifting east.
Leaving the Park 
 The western larch are in full dress today . Sunday the winds were 40 to 60 mph and stripped  the needles . Saturday was  the day to enjoy the beautiful golden trees.

Sunday continues with wind and at least later some sunny skies.  We lost our electricity in the wind last night ( twice ) so I cranked up the wood stove. A totally different experience burning wood in the West vs the East . The Lodgepole burns hot and you need to do smaller loads. A different rhythm from South Eastern hard woods. The house is toasty ( almost too toasty) We expect 15 degrees tonight . The house is buttoned up and my wood splitting was successful. I simply had to focus on the log in question and whack the hell out of it  . A little creative visualization helped. Grateful to be in tonight. Wishing the deer a snug sheltered pasture to pass the night.

Marley contemplating the Lake and afternoon


  1. i always feel drawn to venture out before the arrival of a big storm as well. you feel the energy on its way, you want to wander out into the world and wish everything well - the trees and all earthly dwellers.
    glad you were able to stay toasty - i know the animals must have loved the heat!

  2. The cats slept in front of the stove and were limp from the pleasure of being 75 degrees


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