Monday, October 21, 2013

Winding down: Fall sings it's last colors

Burst of Color
 The last of Fall's colours are bursting daily , teasing the snow on the mountain ridges. Taunting winter's whites with the vivid palette only found in Autumn. The golds are more gold and the reds are more red with the slanting of the evening rays.
Peaceful duck
 A Peaceful duck amid the water plants, I think it is still because it feels so safe and invisible . Do you fly boldly across the water surface like the geese or do you find your strategy more like this little one?Quiet , still , barely noticed in the chaos of the world around you .
On the Way Home,  Happy in Montana at the foot of "Little Half Dome"
 My favorite pasture. So much goes on in this pasture year round. Cows graze , deer graze , elk graze. This is a busy place. Home and sustenance to many . The hay has been harvested and the Western Larch are turning golden on the slopes above.
Curious bird, who are you ? 
 A cute little game bird with a dulled startle reflex. He or she does not seem to mind me at all. Some would probably like to see this cutie on a spit and over a fire. I think it is just fine enjoying the grasses of the pasture.
In the crown, the western larch becomes golden
A magical time when the Western Larch turns and becomes golden for a few weeks. The trees faired better this year , we had more water and they aren't dropping their needles in August like 2012. I have to admit I aimed my sprinkler at this kind old soul a few times during the dry season. We all deserve a drink, one that refreshes. So fall is winding down. We have been promised a warm week coming up but also hints of colder times to come. It is the end of October . A sunny day to plant tulips and crocus for the spring that will be welcomed in 6 months.

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