Friday, November 1, 2013

Do you have a voice?

Sunset over the Flathead
The question that comes to me today is do you have a Voice? And more important is it heard ? One of the greatest gifts you can give to your children , friends and peers is the unconditional permission to speak their minds and hearts. That seems like a simple idea but there are many people who prefer to be the only one with a voice. Instead of giving all a chance to speak equally there are those who manipulate and bully until most around them are concerned about even uttering a whisper . When you are in a crowd of friends or family watch the dynamics. In a healthy group all members are encouraged to share their stories and experiences. All members are celebrated in their achievements. There is not greater gift than to live within a group of individuals that value all parties . No favorites, no secrets, no power alliances. All equal because really we are all valued spiritual beings. Those who fancy themselves other wise are having delusional thinking. When was the last time you truly felt others heard your voice?
Elk Herd moving into the valley

Snow Kissed Foothills

Larch lighting up the Mountainsides

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