Sunday, November 17, 2013

After the Storm: Happy in Montana

striking out
 The day after the snow storm. There is something hypnotizing watching the flakes swirl from the blackness of the sky and collect on the deck. A foot of snow in the yard and a lot still on the county road. The plows do not run on the weekend. Or at least not yet in our neck of the woods. 3 distinct tracks which works well until you have oncoming traffic then someone has to go into the snow . As it turns out the majority of the snow fell in and next to the Foothills. Once I drove out of the Foothills, the snow was extremely light and the roads were dry. Onward with the day's errands.
North Shore of the Flathead
 The wind was blowing at a pretty good clip on the north shore. The Lake is always a welcome sight. It is like a mirage. As you travel south it rises out of the blur of the horizon and then makes itself known. At first you can't believe it is there in all of it's bigness , then you realize it is indeed real. It catches the sun and makes a grey day shimmery.
Wind picking up and making some white caps
 The water towards the north west area of the lake was a beautiful glacial green with white caps from the gusty bursts of wind.
The land on the north shore of Flathead lake is flat and full of wetlands and waterfowl nesting areas. Of course this shoreline is low and subject to flooding as well especially for high snow pack years. All of the snow melt from the western slopes of Glacier Park eventually finds it's way here to this lake via the Flathead River.
Echo Lake and the wintering waterfowl
On the way home I dipped down to see what was going on at Echo. Dozens of ducks and geese were swimming in the unfrozen part of the lake. Their squawking fills the air. I am not sure why I am drawn to ducks and geese. They seem to be so happy and they love their flocks. Their togetherness. Sometimes in this connected world I wonder if we have more togetherness or less?
 A cute solo duck paddling in the still waters of Echo Lake.
Snow transforms life to Still in Black and White
 Jewel Basin in still life and black and white. The snow has transformed the surrounding area into an Ansel Adam's like print. The north end of  Echo Lake is shallow and has started to freeze over. Echo is a gift of quiet whereas the Flathead Lake is a dynamic windy movement filled place.
Jewel Basin 
 The drive home is punctuated with dramatic skies and quiet snow covered meadows. As I drove past this coyote meadow a bald eagle flew over head. Greetings to the Eagle spirit. It is good to get back to the cozy house in the woods.

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