Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Breaks Fall

Winter catches the Western Larch
 Winter weather has caught the Larch with it's Fall finery. In fact we have many days before official winter is here. The first winter I lived in Montana the snow started November 17th . We had a very snow blessed year with snow packs well above 100% . This of course translated into a bountiful spring run off ( some call flooding ) . This year we had our first snow end of October I think the 27th and about 4 inches. We were blessed with another 6 inches last night. Is this a fluke ? or are we setting up for another snowy winter?

Evergreen reaching 
In the mountains of North West Montana we have an abundance of evergreens. They differ quite a bit and some have long branches, some short, some reach up or lean down, there are varying shades of green . Most are adapted to these snowy climes.  I have fired up the stove to heat. It has been three years and part of my reluctance was burning  lodge pole pine. Coming from the south east there is something just wrong with chucking a piece of resin filled wood into the stove. My next trip out will be for a chimney brush to fit my flue.
Ice sculpture
 The heavy snow transforms the woods with ice sculptures. It warmed to 40 today so there is a quiet dripping in the woods mixed with turkey sounds. One of the things I remember that is so fun is checking for animal prints each morning to see if any one interesting has been by.
stump in the woods with frosting
The new colorado spruce sits frosted in the front yard. There was a Grand fir there that died from the dry weather last August. Someone forgot to water it.  That same someone had to saw it down by hand then dig up the roots. Well . Note to self "water everything in August and September".  More chores to finish before the Long Winter descends. It is nice to have the "Have to's " done so you can play in the snow . Life is good. Happy in Montana.
McArthur's Park Sweet Cream Icing

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