Monday, December 2, 2013

Arctic Blast

sniffing the camera
 Preparing for the Arctic Blast , I visit with the neighbor girls . They are very curious and want to know if I have any treats. Of course the fence could easily be mowed over but for some reason these giant horses think they should stay on the other side. I am relieved.  I am 'eye to eye' with that fuzzy nose and they stand several feet above me. They are very gentle but that doesn't change the fact that their feet are bigger than my head. So after a bit of horsey one on four time ( one of me and four of them ) lots of rubbing the giant fuzzy noses etc I continue to finish my outside chores before the snow starts. Earlier today it was sunny and 48 degrees. It has now dropped to 35 degrees as I am racing around fluffing the yard in preparation of the freezing temperatures. I am seriously glad I cleaned the dog yard earlier in the day. Freezing temperatures do not enhance the cleaning experience. I am down to 4 tines on the sweeper rake. I have no idea why they make these out of plastic .
After spending some quality time with the horses,  I had to go to the garage for some errands . However  Mr Buck was standing in the way . He also had his friends with him. By the way it is rut . I carefully made my way to the garage talking to Mr Buck the whole time with comments like " Move along"  "I am not afraid of you" "your family is safe ", etc. Ok the whole " I am not afraid of you " was a bit of bravado. I am actually terrified of several hundred pounds of venison with antlers. I didn't want to irritate him. But chores needed to be done. Truth be known a hoe would have been more helpful than the camera.
Mr Buck 
 Mr Buck knows that the hunters will not find him in my yard . I prefer veggies and rarely salivate thinking about this beauty. He is very proud and most sure of himself .
Two females nibbling 
 Mr Buck's friends  munching away at the exposed dry grasses. I fence most everything that I would rather not be dinner. The baby is quite filled out and has a good start for the long winter.
Snow flying from the North
The snow flies , the temperature drops to 20 F , just a few hours before it was sunny and nearly 50 degrees.  A good day with a lot of chores accomplished. The cabin is cozy with the wood stove. Happy to be in Montana. Happy to have a warm house . Grateful for many blessings.

"Will you ever begin to understand the meaning of the very soil beneath your feet? From a grain of sand to a great mountain, all is sacred. Yesterday and tomorrow exist eternally on this continent."
~Peter Blue Cloud , Mohawk Nation

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