Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Peace : Happy in Montana

Sunlit and snow covered the forest at it's finest
 A Christmas wish for Peace on Earth this 2013 th year of our Lord.  A couple of thousand years ago a child was born who would bring a profound message of Love. Sadly as humans we have not done a good job of hearing this message or putting it into practice. Perhaps some day we as humans will see the benefit of loving and working together in harmony . I look forward to that day.
Abbey Road
 Some Christmas fowl , turkeys making their way over the snowy road. Below the national symbol enjoying the afternoon sun and dinner.
Bald eagle protecting his dinner
 Peaceful Lake in the afternoon winter sun. I wonder if more people spent time outside in Nature would they be more harmonious and peaceful?

Part of the fur gang sleeping ( Bad Kitty, Marley and Saucey)
 Merry Christmas from the Fur babies ( part of them ) they are zonked out in the living room . The dogs spend countless undignified hours snuggling with Bad Kitty. Today Marley is the target of the "snuggle"
the perfect Christmas Tree
Every year I buy a small live tree for in the house but truly I have a ton of perfect trees in the yard. But it is fun to find a new species of evergreen and anticipate the spring thaw when I can put it into the ground. Peace to all this day.

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