Monday, December 2, 2013


bejeweled with hundreds of melting ice drops

It is 47 degrees out and the sun is shining after several days of grey ( see previous post ) . A brief respite before the Arctic Blast arrives this afternoon. The wind has picked up and tossed the trees about. Taking this opportunity or is it an obligation ? to go out and enjoy the sunny and warm day. Lots of last minute mulching to do around tender plants and trees . For the next 8 days the highs will be 15 degrees or less F, and the lows will be well quite low in the minus range. Here in the Great North West it is a duty to go outside when it is sunny and say hello to that great yellow orb that so sweetly warms our Earth.

Update 4 hours later . Now we are at 20 degrees and the snow is pouring from the Northern skies, blowing , twirling and bringing chill back the cozy cabin in the woods. The dogs are glad to be inside today.

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