Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bachelor Grade

Going home the back way on Bachelor Grade. Evoking visions of a hilly road lined with single men. Far from true it is a nice isolated winding road which is choked with dust in the summer and mildly to moderately treacherous depending on the temperature in winter. If cold ( and what is really cold? ) for our purposes less than 20 degrees the road is quite good in the snow. If it is around 32 degrees you can kiss yourself good bye. If you want to experience serious sliding this is the place complete with drop offs into pretty pristine lakes. As you can see it is April 20th and I took this picture 2 days ago after we had yet another snow. The snow iced the mountains one more time for our viewing pleasure. We had snow in the valley as well but it had melted by the evening drive.Rumor has it there is about 28 feet of snow on the top of the foothills. Snow pack is 150% . We are grateful for the water.

The fields as you drive towards Bachelor Grade always have a few visitors. One night driving home after sunset in the snow in December there were 30 deer crossing the road here.


  1. For a lot of our northern friends it has been the winter that refuses to quit . But when winter finally relinquishes itself to spring, well it's hard to beat springtime in the mountains. :)

    I get excited when I see one deer and ecstatic if I see 2 or 3 together, can't imagine a herd with 30 deer, must have been an impressive sight. :)

  2. Sounds like rather interesting to be careful on!

    We had snow again here fact it snowed during the night until around lunch time, about 6inches or so...I'm sure most of it will be gone by tomorrow.

    Wow...I'm amazed when I see three or four together can't imagine 30...that must have be a wonderful sight.

  3. The deer are always fascinating to me as long as they are not coming through the windshield. Even with a large herd they were perfectly silent. And yes Heather it is snowing as I write this , hopefully not to stick. I will welcome our two weeks of summer ; )


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