Friday, April 22, 2011

Contemplating love

Jason, John, Kathleen and Nathaniel
I think one of the most perfect experiences of love is having children. Perhaps you have reached the same space of total selfless love with a friend or spouse. There is something about being a parent that is total love .Our children come into the world helpless and dependent on us. We would do anything to keep them safe.  Walk through the proverbial fire or  take a bullet in their stead.  In this season of celebrating God's ultimate gift and love for us we can  be thankful for the chance to open our eyes and hearts completing the circle.


  1. happy easter laura, you have beautiful children... and are a wonderful mama - the bears have nothing on you!

  2. What beautiful children Laura...a mother after my own heart...grandchildren get added in there when they happen along! :~)

    Happy Easter to you and yours Laura...enjoy it in what ever you have planned!

  3. Thanks Heather and MJ, all of my accomplishments pale in comparison to the experience of being a parent. I know we all walk our unique paths to soul completion and I am glad my path included these great kids! I hope you both have a blessed weekend.


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